The description value from the C# code will be displayed in this placeholder. You can also utilize Visual Studio’s Toolbox to add display elements such as images, buttons, radio buttons, and more. There are several resources available online where you can learn the ASP.NET syntax. Visual Studio will now create your project template, and you should be able to run the template application by clicking on the green play button at the top of the screen.

A simple web-based file management application that allows end-users to view and edit documents. The DevExpress product installation includes real-world applications that illustrate how various ASP.NET controls can be integrated to create a practical web application. To start developing the overall look of your web page, you can use either code in the HTML/CSS yourself or use a template from Tailblocks.

How to Create an ASP.NET Web Application in Visual Studio

Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. While using W3Schools, you agree to have read and accepted our terms of use,cookie and privacy policy. The script engine runs the server-side script it encounters from top to bottom of the file. Now for processing of the file, it is redirected to the script engine for the further task by the webserver. Allowing WYSIWYG editing of pages, its features server controls can separate the code from the content.

asp net application examples

You can create separate functions for each function and link it to the relevant asp tag in the corresponding .aspx file. Developers can make use of ASP.NET on all major platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and even Docker. Not only this, ASP.NET applications can be accessed with all of the popular databases, use of asp net MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, Microsoft SQL Server, CouchDB, and MongoDB. Low cost, High Speed, and vast language support are among the most significant benefits of using Asp.NET. First, choose the project type as ‘Empty’. This will ensure that we start with a basic application which is simple to understand.


Step 5) In the next screen we are going to be prompted to provide a name for the web form. We then give a name for the application, which in our case is DemoApplication. We also need to provide a location to store our application. When we click the Web option in the previous step, we will be able to see an option for ASP.Net Web Application.

asp net application examples

Finally, we click the ‘OK’ button to allow Visual Studio to create our application. Finally, we click the ‘OK’ button to let Visual Studio to create our project. Let’s look at an example of how we can implement a simple “hello world” application. For this, we would need to implement the below-mentioned steps. Fahad holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and his passion for all things Windows is reflected in his writing. Type ASP.NET in the template search box, select ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) and click Next.

How will this technology help you in career growth?

This flexibility allows developers to code the business logic and data access layer effectively. Another significant advantage of using ASP.NET is building dynamic web pages using C# with the help of a webpage templating syntax tool known as Razor. ASP.NET makes the internet as a software platform much easier to manage web programming. technology gives us full freedom to control our development and can be used anywhere, whether it is a small or big project. As it is managed by Microsoft, it can never be yesterday’s technology as Microsoft has invested a lot in its development and community. So as a whole, we can say ASP.NET will undoubtedly be the tool of choice for most Web developers for the next five to ten years.

  • This will ensure that we start with a basic application which is simple to understand.
  • We’ll mostly be working in the .aspx and .aspx.cs files for this tutorial.
  • Sample projects developed with ASP.NET Boilerplate.
  • Now for processing of the file, it is redirected to the script engine for the further task by the webserver.
  • We’ll show you how to do that in the following sections.

ASP stands for “Active Server Pages”; ASP and ASP.NET are server-side technologies used to display interactive web pages. ASP.NET provides developers a lot of flexibility in a sizable, versatile ecosystem with various libraries and tools. Developers can also create custom libraries that they can share with any application created on the .NET platform. An open-source web application framework developed by Microsoft in web development design is ASP.Net.

ADO Objects

With new advancements and development in technologies managed by Microsoft, it makes it evergreen for a candidate to pursue their career in technologies. For an developer, it’s very important to understand the ASP.NET page life cycle and ASP.NET application life cycle. It’s very much important to know how the request is being processed using IIS and how the web page is being processed and getting served to the user. ASP.NET executes a web page using the object-oriented programming approach. Every element in is an object which runs on the server.

asp net application examples

The application is developed on the server-side and helps in making dynamic web pages. ASP.Net is written in .Net languages and has an Apache license. It uses HTTP commands and works with HTTP protocol to have proper communication of browser and server level. It simplifies the working of websites and applications as it builds a library of many codes and tools. We can use ASP.Net for front-end and back-end development. ASP.NET is Microsoft’s free cross-platform framework for building web apps and services.

Understanding ASP.NET

Visual Studio, a framework for, has a complimentary design and rich toolbox. As a process, the request is received by the web server, i.e. IIS, which in return gives the appropriate file from memory. Through an URL, a request is sent for an file by a web browser to the webserver.

asp net application examples

Sample projects developed with ASP.NET Boilerplate. Run the DevExpress Template Gallery, switch to the Visual Basic tab, select Responsive Web Application, and click Create Project. An adaptive web application that provides functionality similar to the Microsoft Office 365. This demo shows how to construct flexible and fully customizable web apps for real-time data consumption and analysis. In the next screen, configure your project name and directory and click on Next.

Who is the right audience for learning ASP.NET technologies?

As you have probably guessed, ASP.NET is a fantastic framework beginners can use to build web apps. It offers a lot of flexibility and is easy to use. In this article, we’re going to help you create your first web pplication in ASP.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio. Ready to get started creating web apps with ASP.NET?