Shahi Chicken Masala


In this blend of Jhaveri’s Mast Shahi Chicken Masala, the flavouring agents predominate the taste elements. Consequently, the blend is noticeably less steeped in pungency. In the case of chicken curry, the masala gives the right balance between the spice elements and other ingredients in the dish.


–       It can be used for Chicken Curry.

–       It can be used in mildly flavoured non-veg cuisine, particularly those deriving its thickening foundation from tomato and onion.

–       It is ideal for flavouring egg, chicken, mutton, beef, or lamb curries.

How to store Jhaveri’s Mast Shahi Chicken Masala:

–       When kept in an airtight container, masala can last for a very long time.

–       The masala should be kept in a cool, dry area.

Available Size:

–       50g , 100g , 200g , 1kg

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