Meat Masala


Jhaveri’s Mast Meat Masala is prepared from high-quality aromatic spices procured from farmers, carefully washed, and dry roasted to the perfect temperature in order to retain the essential oils. Blended with a large variety of spices, this meat masala’s nutritional value goes off the charts.


–       The mouth-watering aroma and lip-smacking flavour of Jhaveri’s Mast Meat Masala imparts toany dish, making it a popular culinary choice for Indian meat
curries requiring a dark gravy.

How to store Jhaveri’s Mast Meat Masala:

–       To preserve the flavour and aroma of Jhaveri’s Mast Meat Masala, store it in an airtight jar in a cold location.

–       Prior to transferring the masala to the container, make sure it is dry.

Available Size:

–       50g , 100g, 200g , 1kg

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